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Committee meetings

At Marpool we have a Full Governor meeting at the start of the year and every half term as well as three committee meeting every half term.  Each individual governor is a member of the full governing board as well as a committee which is a more focused sub-committee for a particular area.

Detailed below are the dates of each meeting for the school year, together with the impact each meeting has had.


If you would like to see the detailed minutes of meetings, please email admin@marpoolprimary.co.uk or pop in and see us.

3rd October 2017











10th October 2017










14th Nov 2017








28th Nov 2017








5th December 2017















16th January 2018






23rd January 2018







30th January 2018











27th February 2018







6th March 2018












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Teaching and Learning

Facebook is the most accessible forum for parents. Governors would like to make our school

website more interactive. RP will ook at the website with the aim of taking the classroom outside to let parents feel how the classes are performing.


Governors want to drive parent participation and engagement through more visibility and presence.


Well done Mrs Pattison and all staff on a successful day with the OFSTED inspector.




Personnel and Finance

Knowledge of leadership team and finance greatly advanced.

Strong operation from the teachers reflected in the development of the pupils.



Full Governors

Quality of questions and responses following the new style meeting has been very positive. Increased awareness of safeguarding.



Premises and Equipment

KB and team to be thanked, the school feels nice and looks in good shape. The structure looks fit for purpose.


Governors are concious of responsibility of health and safety, discussion around keeping children and staff safe.



Teaching and Learning

Focus for literacy shows improved understanding of current system and clear next steps in place.


Positive information re pupil behaviour and policy update - Governors feel clearer about the process.




Personnel and Finance

Governors are aware of the financial situation allowing financial stability for the school. The current budget is offering value for money, ensuring we can sustain three years. The Governors are now fully aware of the importance of the reserve, which needs protecting as future funding for this school.



Full Governors

Strategic input by Governors to be included in the School Development Plan.


Two Governors responsible for Wrap Around care and a linked Governor for Data Protection.


Governors have offered their support of MASH referrals.



Premises and Equipment

Working towards the goal of providing a safe and suitable learning environment for the pupils and staff. The lock down policy and looking at accidents will orvide a safe environment going forward, both bricks and mortar and human.



Teaching and Learning

Improvements to the literacy pathways and policies for postive changes. Benchamrking with literacy so that we can continue to review and see in practice on Learning Walks.


The meetings are feeling more purposeful and constructive.



Personnel and Finance

This meeting is ensuring that the school has enough money to provide good quality learning to meet the pupils' needs. Due to good planning, the school is managing its funding well.


Full Governors

Letter written to DCC highlighting the Governors' concerns over the safety of pupils at the beginning and end of the school day.


An excellent Headteacher's Report and some challenging questions raised.



Premises and Equipment

This meeting ensured that the physical school environment is fit for purpose. Every space in the school is being used, even small areas. All areas are being utilised well. There is a 'can do' attiturde by everyone concerned with the school premises and a proactive mentality.




Teaching and Learning

The Governor walk challenged and triggered a deeper analysis of maths. Governors are clearly able to see progress in professional development in maths across the school, alongside progress for children.