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Committee meetings

At Marpool we have a Full Governor meeting at the start of the year and every half term as well as three committee meeting every half term.  Each individual governor is a member of the full governing board as well as a committee which is a more focused sub-committee for a particular area.

Detailed below are the dates of each meeting for the school year, together with the impact each meeting has had.


If you would like to see the detailed minutes of meetings, please email admin@marpoolprimary.co.uk or pop in and see us.

11th September 2018






18th September 2018








25th September 2018








16th October 2018



















13th November 2018




























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Full Governors

The future plans for Marpool were shared and plans were made on how to proceed to achieve this plan. The base line data and information was given to all governors. The meeting appointed the chair, vice chair and all committee members.



Premises and Equipment

The transfer of land is moving forward, but needs progressing. The committee have looked at lettings, first aid and have amended DCC documents to suit our school, to suit the needs of the school community. Changes are continually made to processes to keep improving the school. The bike shed is a positive step for the school, promoting a healthy lifestyle and reducing traffic at the school at key times of the day.



Teaching and Learning

A new Chair and Vice Chair were elected for the committee. The committee are aware of the headline data for the school and will be building on that for future meetings. The committee agreed a plan for continuing to raise the governor profile with parents; capturing teacher, pupil and parent voice and directing the school for the better, whilst supporting the head.



Personnel & Finance

It was very positive to hear how motivated the newer members of staff were and the movement to permanent increases the permanent base for the school. Closer monitoring of arrears has led to an improvement and the financial position of Marpool catering is a success.



Full Governors

- Governor objectives were discussed.

- Positive transition to ECC for Year 6 pupils.

- Meeting planned for Spring Term to discuss SDP.

- New governors are booked onto training with Babcock.

- Head Teacher's appraisal committee elected and successfully completed.

- All governors have a role which promotes the creative and forward thinking of Marpool. Our vision for the future for our pupils and the children of Exmouth. The presence of Marpool as a community.




Premises and Equipment

Providing a safe environment through monitoring of health and safety and first aid, and school improvements (bike shed and play areas) to enrich the environment for our children to learn and thrive.



Teaching and Learning

Lots of areas have been explored for the better, the meeting has enabled governors to reinforce our strategic view of the data and impact of the daily work. Community sharing has a positive impact on children. All stakeholders are making an impact on the outcomes achieved.



Personnel  and Finance



Full Governors