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Elder and Wingnut

Elder and Wingnut are Year 2 class bursting with energy and enthusiasm for learning. We are based in the new building and work closely with the Year 1 team.

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Would you like to see what we have been up to?  

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will continue our training to become Secret Agents! ‘A’ has sent new missions to our classrooms that we will need to complete.


* will be increasing our writing pace and practising the writing skills we have learnt so far


* learning about and solving riddles


* learning about measuring in different ways and developing our skills at reading scales

-ask me about the missions I have completed each day – how did I stretch my brain!

- ensure I have my reading book at school every day

- find time to let me read to you at least 3 times a week

- find opportunities for your child to see you writing, it may be the shopping list, birthday card or a letter to a friend

- ask me to tell you the time using a clock or watch with hands

- give me opportunities to use a measuring scale – it may be weighing the flour for Yorkshire puddings, or measuring how much milk is needed to make the porridge.

3 reads

Make sure your child reads to you at least 3 times this week and that they bring their reading book into school every day.



PE Kits

Please ensure PE kits are named and in school ready for PE sessions.

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