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Elder and Wingnut

Elder and Wingnut are Year 2 class bursting with energy and enthusiasm for learning. We are based in the new building and work closely with the Year 1 team.

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-will continue our training to become Secret Agents!  


‘A’ has sent new missions to our classrooms that we will need to complete.


-completing and polishing our stories


-will be creating our own collages of a landscape


-showing what we know about fractions


-finding fractions of shapes and numbers

-ask me about the missions I have completed each day – how did I stretch my brain?

-talk with me about the landscape around us.  What features can they see? Can they describe them using an expanded noun phrase?

-ensure I have my reading book at school every day

-find time to let me read to you at least 3 times a week

-ask me what doubling/halving means

-challenge me to find double, half or a quarter of a number

Three reads

Make sure your child reads to you at least three times this week and that they bring their reading book into school every day.


PE Kits

Please ensure PE kits are named and in school ready for PE sessions.   Black leggings or jogging bottoms may be worn for outdoor PE in this cold weather.



Monday 5th February -  Jacolly Puppet theatre performance and


Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th February

MSA Second hand uniform sale, 3pm on the playground


Friday 9th FebruaryElder Base Assembly

9am in the school hall.

Farmers' Market at 8.20am in the hall.

- Last day of half term.