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Our unit is made up of 3 classroom bases:

Holly • Maple  • Oak


• Every base has its own drop off point in the morning

and collection point at the end of the day.


• Each base has its own teacher and classroom assistant

to greet you and your child every morning, give out

messages, answer questions and listen to concerns.


• Reception (F2) home bases are Holly and Maple;

Nursery (F1) home base is Oak.

Foundation Stage Unit


We provide a balance of child initiated, small or large group planned activities, where adults identify particular skills, knowledge and attitudes your child needs to develop. This means children can make choices and suggest the focus for their play.


• Letters, sounds and numbers are taught daily in groups.


• At Marpool we have several wonderful outdoor spaces.


• We make the most of our environment and spend lots of time learning outdoors.


• We enjoy planting, growing and harvesting our own fruit and vegetables which we use for our school lunches.



• Apples grow in our orchard and we love using them to make apple crumble.


• We look after of all of our animals. We feed and groom the goats. We collect eggs from our chickens and sometimes use them to make scrambled eggs!


• We hatched our very own ducklings and watched them grow.


• At Forest School we climb our trees, toast marshmallows on the bonfire and work together with our friends.

hollybase maplebase meet-the-teachers Screen shot 2012-12-12 at 13.53.22 Screen shot 2012-12-12 at 13.53.27 FSU Autumn Term Letter Reception Curriculum map Typical Nursery Day Typical Reception Day Reception Number Time Board 1 BLANK Board 2 BLANK


-Have been thinking about the different sounds that animals make

-Have been listening carefully to sounds in our environment and tuning in to everyday sounds

-Counting carefully 1…2…3…

-Settling into our new rhythms and routines

-Making friends and getting to know each other’s names



•Have been listening to stories and talking about the characters.  We have been making predictions.

•We are having a big focus on using good manners…  remembering to say please and thank you and to use our cutlery at lunchtime!

•In Letters and Sounds, we have been listening really carefully to the sounds in words and listening for how many syllables we can hear. We have also been saying our names, listening for the syllables.

•In number time we have been making comparisons, counting to check and explaining our thinking.


Sing Old Macdonald Had a Farm… which animal sounds do you know?

Go on a Listening Walk (see activity details on Seesaw)

Count carefully… can you help to get the table ready? Can you count 3 forks? Spoons etc.


•Say the names of your friends and family listening for the syllables

•See if you can make a comparison at home.  You might use cereal – sort the objects into sets, which set has the most or the fewest.

•Read a story together – who are the characters?


Letter Families Phase 2 and 3 sound mat 0-20 number line Nursery Curriculum map

Would you like to know more about child development? Here are some leaflets we hope you find useful:

Small Talk - how children learn to talk Talk Together What to Expect, When? Developing cutlery skills Attention and Listening PANTS-768x324

Do you know the PANTS rule?

Click on the Talk Pants icon to find out more about how to keep your child safe.

book trust logo

We love to read!  The Book Trust website contains book suggestions for you and your child, games and top tips.

hollybase Reception: reading

Click here for the school calendar and term dates.


You can also view the latest school newsletter and the lunch menu on the school website.

tiny happy people

Are you interested in learning more about early communication development?

BBC's Tiny Happy People contains a wealth of useful information.

100 square Reading Bingo Phase 3 Tricky Word Mat Phase 2 Tricky Words Word Mat

Happy Half Term!

Well done to everyone for settling into Oak Base so well… we hope that you have a lovely week with your family and look forward to seeing you again soon!


After Half Term we are welcoming back Mrs Church. She will be Oak Base class teacher on Thursdays.



Forest School

Please bring your wellies and make sure you have a coat on these dates:

Holly Base: 13.10.20 20.10.20 3.11.20


· Please remember to bring a water bottle and a coat in every day!


"We loved our visit from the Boo to a Goose Theatre Company.  They performed the show, Space Cats.