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Learning at Home

Here are all of the 'Learning from Home' tasks in one place. Click on the image to ENLARGE it or you can  click on the link buttons to download the file.  Top tip: if you download the file, you will be able to click on the active internet links (they will be in blue or have an arrow next to them).


If you are looking for online resources to support or complement learning, please follow the link.

Online learning links Year 2 06.07.20 Year 3 29.06.20 Year 5 06.07.20 Year 6 06.07.20

Download the document to see the maths task.

Year 1 06.07.20 Year 4 06.07.20 Nursery 06.07.20 Reception 06.07.20 KS2 Helpful Guide to Grammar Terminology


Yr3 MATHS Place Value Reading Challenge - Nelson Mandela Easier PE at Home - Sitting Volleyball Africa Help Page Reading Challenge - Nelson Mandela Harder Fluent-in-Five-year-6-week-6 Rapid Reasoning Year 6 Week 12 City of Silence Year 5 and 6 Maths The mystery of... Yr 5 reading comprehension Eid Rainbow Walking Water Paper Cup Phones Year 3 Week 11 Year 1 Week 12 Year 5 Week 12 Year 6 Week 12 Y6 Comprehension My Mind Yr 5 SPaG space challenge SPaG Activity mat 3 Year 2 Week 12 Yr4 Week 12 F1 Week 12 F2 Week 12