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Unlike admissions to Reception, Nursery places are allocated by the school.


I am interested in sending my child to Nursery, what should I do?


Even if your child is not quite old enough to start yet, you can get the ball rolling!


1) Contact the school for a tour* 01395 263961 and ask for Mrs Copsey,

2) If you like us, fill in a Note of Intererst form, kept in our office


* If you already know us well, just fill in the Note of Interest!


Then, depending on when your child can start, Mrs Copsey will send you an Application form. Note of Interest forms can be completed any time, Application forms need to be completed at a certain time.


When can my child start Nursery?


Your child can start in our Nursery the term after their third birthday

Download the Stepping Out booklet on the previous page. This gives answers to FAQs.




Nursery Admissions

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