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Resource Base in Cherry

In September 2019 we opened our resource base. We are hoping to create a new build over time but we will start in Cherry base. The nature of the children in the resource base will have a need which falls under the Social, Emotional and Mental Health category. Our teaching team will support children as individuals and in small groups using learning experiences designed to help them make sense of the world and learn all the things they need to have successful lives ahead of them.

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Trans camera hand drawn

We have been busy!

Check out our photos here. 

The Resource base will learn the skills they require through child-led topics selected from the curriculum maps across the school.




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Cherry Base have been busy making potions and creating spells.

We loved having our parents join us for some pumpkin carving! We talked about our plans for Halloween and shared our Learning Journeys.









For links to online learning ideas, please click here.

All the Learning at Home tasks can be

found here:

Learning at Home tasks Social Story - Returning to school after half term

Things will be different after half term. Here is a social story you might like to share with your child about these changes.