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Rowan, Beech & Spruce - Year 6

Rowan, Beech and Spruce are our  Year 6 classes where learning is built on in a fun, challenging and creative way.

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- Log on to Seesaw and read the updates


-Encoourage your child to practise their mental maths using TTRS.


- Let your child show you Prodigy, the maths game


- Continue to enjoy your books at home or from the local library (Exmouth Library are open for Click & Collect reservations).



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We have been busy!

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You can also view the latest school newsletter and the lunch menu on the school website.

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This week we enjoyed participating in 'The Great Egg Drop' when we discovered whether our efforts to design and make an effective parachute and cushioning for our egg were enough to ensure its survival.


We have been planning and writing the first drafts of our information texts about magical creatures from our own imaginations and next week we will edit them before writing the final draft that will appear in a class book.


We are enjoying our learning about the Victorians and have been exploring various aspects of life during this era, including life for the rich and the poor, schools and transport. Next week we will investigate the jobs carried out by poor Victorian children.


In maths we continue to learn about fractions and next week will be solving problems and puzzles involving adding and subtracting fractions.


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With the weather turning decidedly colder and wetter this week, we plan to continue to make the most of our outdoor spaces around the school so please remind your child to bring a warm waterproof coat and jumper/cardigan every day.


Please remember to bring in wellies. They can go home on Fridays for the weekend.


Soon we will turn our attention to an investigation of 'Historical Exmouth', looking at how the town has changed over the years. If you have any interesting information or photos to support our learning, we'd love to see them. Photos of anything of interest can be emailed to your child's teacher.



At Marpool, we are using the White Rose Maths Scheme to support us in with teaching and learning the National Curriculum for maths. You and your child might like to extend their learning at home by practising what we have been doing in class using these booklets. You do not have to print them out (unless you want to of course!) - simply look at the tasks from the screen and answer on a piece of paper. The answers are all there too!


Booklets will be added to our website as the topics are covered in class.

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