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Arrangements for Admission

If you wish to apply for a place for your child at Marpool, admission forms are available in the Devon Primary admissions book "Step by Step” or you can apply online on the Devon County Council website.


Please complete and return the form to us as early as possible once you have made your decision, we will forward it to the DCC School Admissions Team for you.


The standard number for admission to the Reception class at Marpool is 60 pupils in each new academic year group. The following admission criteria is applied to the School by the Devon Local Education Authority:



1. Children living in the school’s designated area with a sibling who will be attending the school at the time of admission. A map showing the designated area is available in the school office.

2. Other children living in the school’s designated area.

3. Children living outside the school’s designated area, but with a sibling who will be attending the school at the time of admission.

4. Other children living outside the school’s designated area.



If it is necessary to differentiate between children in a particular category, priority will be determined on the basis of distance between home and school along the shortest available walking route except in the case of children below statutory school age when priority will be determined by date of birth. Priority may be given to the admission of pupils for whom a particular medical or social justification is demonstrated.


The Right of Appeal

If parents wish to appeal against the decision to refuse admission of their child to the school they have the right to do so by contacting Devon LEA at County Hall, Exeter.


Full Time Admission Dates

Offers of a full time place for a child in the Reception Year will be made during March each year in line with the Local Authority guidelines-










Any application for earlier admission must be sent to Devon LEA. If you feel that your child has special educational needs, please contact us.


Even if your child attends our Nursery, you still need to apply for a Reception place. You will get a letter sent home from Devon County; there will be signs reminding you around school and you can apply online (click the link to Devon admissions.)


Any problems, please just come into school and we will help you apply.

The website also contains information for those families applying for a school place mid-year.

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This page gives information on how to apply for a school place at Marpool.

For Nursery admissions, please click here.

If you would like to come and look around our school, please call us on 01395  263961 and we will book you in for a tour. We look forward to seeing you!