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Palm and Silver Birch

Palm and Silver Birch are Year 5 classes where learning is built on in a fun, challenging and creative way. We work closely with Year 6 and enjoy taking risks in our learning.

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Would you like to know more about what your child is learning in Maths?

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* Will be learning the features of persuasive writing.

* Will be learning how to identify and describe polyhedrons using mathematical language.

* Will be learning how to translate a shape using co-ordinates on a 4 quadrant grid.

* Will be learning about how to separate different materials from a mixture.

* Will be designing snack bars and discussing the use of healthy ingredients.

* Will be investigating how to create tints and shades of a colour using paint.

* Will be researching different influential leaders and thinking about how they inspire people.

Please continue practising the following skills for fluency:

* Listening to your child reading three times a week and writing in their reading record.

* Times tables up to the 12 times tables (not in rote order).

* Discussing the meaning and spellings of unfamiliar words. Please support your child to access and understand their home learning – these are skills they have learnt in class and should be able to work through mostly independently.




Thank you for making sure that your child has their PE kit in school for their Wednesday (indoor and outdoor) PE sessions every week.



Farmer’s market: Fri 29th March

Jumble sale: Sat 30th March

Last day of term: 5th April

Summer Term starts: Tues 23rd April




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