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Larch and Sycamore

Larch and Sycamore are Year 3 classes with bags of energy and a love of learning.


We are based in the lovely new building.

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Would you like to know more about what your child is learning in Maths?

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This week we have been…


* Immersing in our instructions text: How to build your own pyramid, identifying key features.


* Embedding understanding of number sense


* Continuing to develop our knowledge of Ancient Egyptian culture, specifically their use of mummification, using research & recording skills, then presenting information in different forms.



* Taught some yoga to help us to value and reflect on our own thoughts, emotions and achievements.

* Ensure that your child is reading their Accelerated Reader book at least three times each week.


* Look out for 3-digit numbers around you. Put them in order. Try partitioning them (splitting them into 100s, 10s and 1s.) Try adding them… is it easy to mentally add them together? Can you do it using a written way?


* Encourage your child to discuss their book with you. What has happened? Describe the characters.


* Help your child to practise their spellings ready for Wednesday’s test.


* Have a go at some stillness with your child… enjoy the moment!

Sorry about the blip regarding the Forest School this week. We are back to Wednesday mornings from now till the last week of term. Children will need to wear forest school clothes for the morning and then change into school uniform for the afternoon.





Monday 2nd July: Class Swap Day

2nd to 6th July: Marpool Sport In Week

Tuesday 3rd July: Football World Cup Day

Wednesday 4th July: Forest School morning, Open Grounds Afternoon

Friday 6th July: Sports Day at Exeter Arena


20th July: Last day of term