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Larch and Sycamore

Larch and Sycamore are Year 3 classes with bags of energy and a love of learning.


We are based in the lovely new building.

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Year 3 will be practising and performing their school production this term. This will involve learning the lyrics to songs as well as supporting the Year 4 actors.


*Be Aware: Year 3/4 production now to be held on Weds 03.04: 9.30am and Thurs 04.04: 6pm. *






Thurs-Weds 21.03-27.03: Book Fair in school: please come and buy a quality book to share with your child.


Sat 30.03: School Jumble Sale.


Weds 03.04: 9.30am Morning performance of ‘The X-Factory’


Thurs 04.04: 6pm Evening performance of ‘The X-Factory’


05.04: Break for Easter


This week we have been…


* Planning and beginning to write first drafts of our news reports.


* Matching images to fractions and becoming familiar with fractions on a number line.


* Exploring the main features of a map including the key and grid references.


* Learning about some new art techniques. Larch have been focusing on the work of John Muafengejo of Namibia and Sycamore have been learning about the art of Joan Miro of Spain.

* Ensure that your child is reading their Accelerated Reader book at least three times each week.

* Identify the route you take when you go on a journey… talk it through using words such as: right, left, forwards, backwards, turn, stop. Add any other helpful words that distinguish specific places.

* Help your child to practise their spellings ready for Friday’s test.

* Ask your child which times table is their target and help them practise it by chanting it and then quick fire question & answer sessions.

Would you like to see what children in Year 3 have been up to? Check out our photos here.  

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NEW! Which skills will my child be learning in Year 3?

Year 3 Key Skills Expectations