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Larch and Sycamore

Larch and Sycamore are Year 3 classes with bags of energy and a love of learning.


We are based in the lovely new building.

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Would you like to know more about what your child is learning in Maths?

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* Immersed in our new text: ‘Fossils… the key to the past’ (a non-chronological report.)


* Applied our knowledge of mental addition and learning the expanded, written, column addition and subtraction.


* Created maps, artefacts and research texts on the topics: Climates, Forces and Magnets.

* Ensure that your child is reading their Accelerated Reader book at least three times each week.


* Investigate where fossils have been found around the world.


* Encourage your child to rehearse and share their text with you.


* Play games that require you to add or subtract numbers or amounts.


* Go to a park and talk about the forces used to make the activities work: see-saw, swing, slide, etc.

This half term, Years 3 & 4 will be practising and performing their production: ‘The Cautionary Tales’. Watch out for costume requests; help your child practise any lines or songs they will be performing and watch this space for dates and information.


PE will be in two sessions. Monday will be OUTSIDE and we recommend the children have leggings/joggers due to the winter weather.

•Our Thursday session will be Yoga, led by a qualified instructor.




Thursday 1st March: World Book Day

                                 (traditional tales)

Friday 9th March: Farmers' Market

                            Clothes Swishing 6.30pm

Friday 23rd March: Sports Relief Day

Thursday 29th March: Year 3&4 performance

                                    Last day of term