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Chestnut and Willow

Chestnut and Willow bases are Year 1 classes with a strong emphasis on learning through practical play and exploring.


We are right by the Foundation Stage Unit and the Forest School.

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After half term we will be using our senses to explore seasonal autumnal changes.


We will be sharing a range of poems about our senses.


In maths we will continue to explore number bonds to 10 (two numbers that add together to make 10).

Keep practising your counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.


Talk about your senses. What parts of the body do we use to hear/smell/taste/see/touch ?


Use adjectives to describe how things smell, sound and taste at home, eg “This apple is sweet and crunchy”.


We have Forest School every Wednesday morning.


PE is every Monday and Thursday.




Friday 19th October - Last day of half term

Monday 30th October - Non-pupil day

Tuesday 30th October - School re-opens

Year 1 Key Skills Expectations

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