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Chestnut and Willow

Chestnut and Willow bases are Year 1 classes with a strong emphasis on learning through practical play and exploring.


We are right by the Foundation Stage Unit and the Forest School.

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Year 1 Key Skills Expectations

Which skills will my child be learning in Year 1?


Do you know the PANTS rule?

Click on the Talk Pants icon to find out more about how to keep your child safe.

Year 1 Information Letter



Click here for the school calendar and term dates.


You can also view the latest school newsletter and the lunch menu on the school website.




Please continue to read at home and let us know how this is going on Seesaw!


You might visit the library!


You might go on a senses nature walk! I wonder what you might see, hear, smell or touch?

This week we will learn that we have 5 different senses!


We will listen to a range of poems about our senses!

We will use our senses to explore the world around us.

We will have a special bonfire themed morning to explore our senses- how exciting!

In maths, we will learn about the whole part model and explore addition.

-read at least 3 times a week- everyday if you can!


- Do you know any tongue twisters?! Have fun with them! (She sells seashells....)