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Curriculum Contributions


Here at Marpool we know that children learn in a variety of ways. Many learn by listening. Plenty learn by looking but the vast majority get the most meaningful learning from real experiences. 

We provide a great deal of opportunities for the children, such as: cooking; art projects; visits to school from experts; trips to exciting places; extra Forest School activities; swimming lessons; History days; science experiments and lots, lots more! 

Instead of asking for money from parents in dribs and drabs throughout the year, we ask for a termly contribution towards these activities (£10 per child, £5 for part time Nursery children). We thought you'd like to see for yourselves where that money is going. It wouldn't be possible without you and makes a real impact on the children's learning and enjoyment. You can check what your child will be doing on their termly letter.

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Back in September we had an ‘Animal Encounter. We were visited by different minibeasts and learnt lots of interesting facts! 

We had a trip on the Exmouth Land Train as part of our topic ‘Me, My Body and My Town’.


We have had so much fun! An animal visitor came in to show us some exotic creatures. We were able to look very closely, touch them and he told us lots about where they live and what they eat.  

Mr Slater led a mud themed Forest School session for us. We made mud faces on the trees and used sticks and twigs to decorate them.  We had a campfire! We sang songs and played some rhythm games. Then we toasted marshmallows on the fire – we had to hold our sticks very carefully! They were very sticky and very yummy! 


We wrote invitations to our families for our Nativity Show. We put them in envelopes with a real stamp and posted them at the post box! 

 We had an amazing visit from some exotic animals and we learnt all about how to look after them. 

 We loved our trip to the Donkey Sanctuary! We learnt so much, and when we got back to school we wrote our own non-fiction books all about donkeys. 

In Bikeability we learned how to ride balance bikes. By the end of the week we were experts! 


Year 1 

 We went on the land train to explore Exmouth! We used our map skills to find features around Exmouth and Lympstone. 

Warburtons came to visit and we learnt all about healthy eating. 

As part of our learning about Remembrance Sunday, we used pastels to create poppy pictures. 

We were learning to work co-operatively and carefully in Forest School.


 Year 2

We went on a fantastic trip to Living Coasts to find out all about penguins to inspire our writing of a non-chronological report. 

 Now we are experts at following instructions. We had fun making delicious jam tarts to share at the Mad Hatters Tea Party.  We then wrote instructions to tell someone else how to make them too!

 Year 2 had a wild time meeting minibeasts from all around the world!  They felt really strange moving across our hands! We learnt how to classify them, and all about their diets and habitats.

 Year 3

We learnt why and how Christingle is celebrated. 

 Throughout the year we’ve been learning drumming skills with Mr Boatman. 

 We learnt about the animals and humans that lived in the caves during the Stone Age era by visiting Kents Cavern . 

 We used our understanding of light and shadows to create puppet shadow theatres. 

 Year 4

 Year 4 went on a chilly trip to the estuary to learn about human usage of the river and the effects of climate change.

During a visit to Exmouth Library children used collage to make Roman-style mosaics

We visited Otterton Mill to explore the changing use of the river through time.
Here we saw the river used to turn one of the oldest water wheels in the country!

Year 4 and 5 worked together during the Skern Lodge Residential to conquer the climbing wall. Teamwork and resilience on display!

 Years 5 and 6

Air Raid Experience – We went on an ‘air raid experience’ with Mr Slater and learnt what it would have been like to be in an air raid in WW2.?It was really scary and loud!  

Evacuation Experience– We were evacuated and had to travel with our gas masks! We visited Lympstone Marine Camp to gain an understanding of what happened to evacuees in WW2.  

Viking Forest School Day –?We used our D&T skills to make our own Viking shelters- we had to work co-operatively and carefully.?