Marpool Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Ethos and Values

We work to provide opportunities for all pupils to enjoy the five outcomes of          Every Child Matters.

This is summarised by our school motto.

'Every child will have confidence in their own self-worth and an aspiration to achieve.'

In addition to fulfilling all our legal responsibilities with respect to the national curriculum, religious education, a curriculum that reflects diversity and promotes cultural understanding, relationships, sex and health education, equal opportunities and the health and safety of our pupils, our aims are as follows:

  • to keep the needs of children central to our work and decision-making and to provide for all according to individual need so that children develop as fully as possible their spiritual, moral, cultural, intellectual and physical abilities;

  • to provide a high quality, broad and balanced education with opportunities to achieve high standards and success across the full primary curriculum;

  • to use a range of appropriate teaching styles and provide a wide variety of learning opportunities to develop lively and enquiring minds, powers of thinking, feeling, concentration, imagination and reflection to enrich their lives;

  • to involve children in their education by giving them opportunities to contribute, control, direct and review their learning;

  • to encourage pupils to participate and integrate fully in both the school and local community by developing high standards of confidence, social skills and personal qualities including an understanding of and commitment to care for and cooperate effectively with others;

  • to create an effective partnership between home, school and the wider community based on shared values, a clear sense of purpose, trust, understanding and respect;

  • to establish high standards of behaviour throughout the school and to create a stimulating, secure and caring atmosphere based on self worth, self-discipline, tolerance, and fulfilling our responsibility to one another and our environment;

  • to recognise and celebrate achievement and to create a positive, optimistic view of the future for each individual and the school community.


We believe that the school’s aims are linked to each other and cannot easily be achieved in isolation; we give equal importance to all and have not listed them in any specific priority order.