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Welcome to Juniper Base!

5.5.21 Today in Forest School Mr Slater needed our help! There was a strange scorch mark in the Orchard. As we explored the area we found footprints, claw marks and some scales. Eventually we found a mysterious egg in a nest! 
What could it be...
Check the gallery for more photos from our investigation!
6.5.21 We made a news report to let other people in school know about our discovery!

 This week, we are:

  •  sharing the story 'The Egg'. I wonder what will hatch out......
  • building our vocabulary and using our senses to describe.
  • learning new skills in PE - we are enjoying some Basketball!
  • applying and consolidating our existing knowledge by working independently from our special folders.

To support us at home, you might: 

  •  Talk about my day and share stories together.
  • Keep practising recognition of phonics sounds and tricky words - maybe you could help to write the shopping list?
  • Keep practising counting forwards and back to 20 and simple addition and subtraction.
  • Ask me about our new Basketball skills and vocabulary.


Parent Information:

 Please visit the News and Diary pages for the latest information. 

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