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Welcome to Oak Base!

 This week, we are:

  • continuing to read 'Pete the Cat - Rocking in my school shoes' by Eric Litwin and linking to transitions for Reception
  • reading 'Pete the Cat - I love my white shoes' and telling the story in our small world play tray
  • exploring the phoneme 'l' - we have been making this sound with our mouths and looking at things that begin with this sound e.g. lemon, lollipop, leaf and lips
  • playing 'blend from the box' where we segment and blend words like   l-o-g log, l-ea-f leaf  etc. Playing can you point to your... h-ea-d head, ch-ee-k cheek, h-a-n-d hand etc.
  • problem solving using the idea of sharing. We have 6 cakes, how can we make it fair/ Equal (between 2/3 people)? 

To support us at home, you might: 

  • ask your child about our stories, what can they remember? Can they sing you the song he sings? Where does Pete go? What does he step in?
  • can you keep a look out for things that begin with the phoneme (sound) 'l' when you are out and about or at home, have a friend or family member with a name that starts with our phoneme 'l'?
  • when you are out and about or walking somewhere you might ask 'what do you notice?' can they subitise (recognise an amount without counting)? How many plates, cups, forks etc do we need? How many spaces are left at the table? 




Parent Information:

 With the weather getting warmer, please provide a hat for your child to wear at school to keep them protected.

Please remember to name your child's belongings - we are now taking off jumpers and cardigans a lot more frequently and things can get lost.

Amazing Grazing Trip: A huge well done to all the children who were amazing on their first school trip.  Please see this lovely message that we've received about the children...

Thankyou so much for coming to visit to Amazing Grazing. It was an absolute pleasure hosting you. We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the exceptional group of children you brought along—they were truly fantastic and displayed impeccable manners throughout their time here.

Monday 17th July - MSA Second-hand Uniform Sale: 3.15pm in the pods at the bottom of the field

Tuesday 18th July - MSA Second-hand Uniform Sale: 8.30am & 3.15pm in the pod at the bottom of the field

Thursday 20th & Friday 21st July - Cakes: Cakes are available for children to buy at playtime.

 Thursday 20th July - Drop in: Oak base will open from 3pm for you to pop in and have a look in your child's I am Proud book to see what they have been up to - If it is not your child's session or you can't make it, you can look at their books at drop off from next week.

Friday 21st July: Last day of term!


What to expect in the EYFS

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