Marpool Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed


Welcome to Oak Base!

 This week, we are:

  • welcoming some new starters into Oak Base
  • enjoying our new Pirate Ship and playing in role as pirates
  • exploring sound bumps in words e.g. kan-ga-roo has 3 sound bumps (syllables)
  • sorting objects into groups and noticing 'what is the same', 'what is different'

To support us at home, you might: 

  • chat about what your child has been doing at Nursery each day. Who have they played with? What did they play?
  • play a game of hide and seek together - use words such as 'above', 'under', 'on top of '  to describe hiding places
  • read a rhyming story together- listen out for words which sound similar


Parent Information:

Please return your child's Learning Journal this week, if you haven't done so already.

We are trialling using the pedestrian gate at lunchtimes for an easier and quicker drop-off/ pick-up. This will rely on parents being prompt so please ensure that you are at the gate at 11:45am if your child does any half days. Thank you.


 Nursery Photo Gallery

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