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Welcome to Oak Base!

 This week, we are:

  • reading the story 'Cake' by Sue Hendra and talking about celebrations
  • reciting numbers beyond 5
  • comparing quantities and using language such as 'more', 'less', 'fewer'
  • thinking about our Marpool Top Ten and how we can make good choices - look out for some special rosettes that we might bring home!
  • oral blending words e.g. l - e -g
  • listening to stories
  • singing some familiar songs and nursery rhymes

To support us at home, you might: 

  • talk about my day at school and who I have been playing with 
  • if I bring home a rosette, you could ask me what I got it for and talk about our Marpool Top Ten with me
  • can you count carefully? Sing Humpty Dumpty and count up to 10. Sing 1-2-3-4-5, once I caught...
  • count some sweets/toys out between two people - who has more? who has less?
  • play a game where you sound out words e.g. can you touch your l-e-g? ch - i - n?
  • Feel free to use Seesaw to share what you have been doing at home.





Parent Information:


What to expect in the EYFS


The Queen's Jubilee:

Design a crown/hat competition: we will be taking part in a 'Royal Parade' which will take place on Thursday 26th May 11am. We would like you to design a crown/hat fit for a royal. Prizes will be awarded for the best designs across the school. We can't wait to see your creations!

Look out for special invitations coming out this week!

Sports Day:

Thursday 7th July is Sports Day at Exeter Arena for the remainder of the school. Nursery will remain open, however will not run as a normal session and will be with reduced capacity due to staffing as some staff will support Reception class as they attend the event.

If your child has a sibling who will be taking part in Sport’s Day, we would like to encourage them to attend the Arena with you so that they can cheer on and experience the day in preparation for when it is their turn next year.

So that we can ensure that adequate staffing remain onsite for those not attending, we will be sending out a google questionnaire shortly to establish numbers.

Thank you for your understanding.


Please ensure that your child is wearing correct school uniform. Shoes should be black/dark coloured footwear (black trainers are acceptable).  

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