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What is SEND?

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, or SEND, is a term that is used to describe pupils who have needs over and above those that can be met by good quality classroom teaching. These needs may be within communication and interaction, cognition and learning, physical and sensory (including medical) and social, emotional and mental health. They may be for a short period or throughout a child’s educational life. They may be identified before a child has even entered school or they may come to be recognised at a specific point in their education.

At Marpool Primary School we are proud of the work we do with all our pupils. We have experienced and skilled staff working with our children with special needs and disabilities. We build self-esteem with positive learning experiences and successfully involve children within the whole school life. We work to address needs; enabling children to have an ability to engage and develop skills and knowledge to achieve, succeed and even excel beyond their potential across all areas of the curriculum. We follow the guidelines set out in the Code of Practice for SEND. Teaching staff continually strive to fully understand their pupils and comprehensively meet their needs.

We are always open to parents contacting our SEND team. Children’s needs are most effectively met by working closely with parents to ensure we offer the best possible outcomes for your child. At Marpool, our SENDCo is Mr Nelmes. 

SEND at Marpool 2023

SEND Policy 22-23


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