Marpool Primary School

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Progress at School

What is my child learning?

A good place to start is by taking a look at the curriculum maps. These maps detail what the planned learning is for the year.

Every state-funded primary school has to follow the National Curriculum. You might be interested in looking at the expectations set out in these government documents. 

EYFS Framework - March_2021

Primary National Curriculum

You can also see what your child is currently learning by visiting their Class Page on our website. 

How do I know how my child is getting on at school? 

There are three planned points of contact each year. 

Autumn Term  

Meet your child's teacher! 

It is an informal meeting where you can ask questions, take a look around the base and meet the teaching team.

Spring Term

Record of Achievement Meetings

You will be invited to attend a meeting with your child's teacher. This year, these meetings take place online. You will be able to discuss your child's achievements and identify targets to support progress, working together in a partnership. 

Summer Term

Final formal written report

This formal written report explains the progress that your child has made towards the National Expectations for each subject.


WTS means that your child is working towards the expected standard.

EXS means that your child is working at the expected standard.

GDS means that your child is working at greater depth.

Your child's teacher can always be contacted via email. Please send any questions to Be sure to include the teacher's name in the subject line so that it can be forwarded to them. 

We operate an 'open door' policy and encourage open communication, feedback and suggestions. So, should you wish to have a chat with your child's teacher or any other member of staff, please contact us and a mutually convenient time will be arranged.

What are Wows and Tree Points?

Wows and Tree Points are part of our rewards system. These are explained here

You will also receive positive texts celebrating your child's progress. These might be for completing three or more reads a week (more about that here), really impressing their teacher with a learning task or their approach to the school's Top Ten, for example.