Marpool Primary School

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Year 3

Welcome to Larch and Sycamore Base!

 This week, we are:

  • exploring more about our Ancient Egypt topic including making booklet about the importance of the River Nile.
  • continuing to write letters and focusing on well punctuated sentences.
  • thinking about what we want to grow in our school gardens.
  • applying our skills of reading and making tally charts and bar charts;
  • learning and practising athletics skills including: hurdles, javelin and shot put.
  • designing canvas paintings of trees in the style of Louisa Vizoli.

To support us at home

  • You could draw or write about your perfect garden. What grow in it? What would be there for you to enjoy?

  • Continue to practise and perfect the 3, 4 and 8 times tables.

  • Try and find interesting facts about Ancient Egypt by looking in books or online.

  • Play games at home that involve turn taking and/or things going wrong e.g. Jenga, Snakes and Ladders, Pick Up Sticks...


Parent Information:

Please keep an eye on the diary for any upcoming events. 

From Wednesday 5th May, Year 3 will have a library slot on Wednesday afternoons. Your child will be able to bring their library book home and change it once a week. When children return books, they (the books!) will be quarantined for 72 hours. This means that your child can work hard on achieving their sunflower target on AR reader. 

On Wednesday 19th May, we will be having a Growing Plants workshop provided by East Devon's waste education team. For this,  each child should  bring in a named small yoghurt pot or similar container. Please do this by Friday 14th May so that they can be quarantined in school beforehand.

Thank you for your contributions that allow us to have Yoga lessons every Monday, these will continue up and until the end of the summer term.

 Year 3 Photo Gallery

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